Monday, July 28, 2014


did i EVER think that i would wear BIRKS again?

...just your Monday morning ACDC wake up call!

(this has something to do with a simple - little compliment i received on Saturday, while

i was out doing the errands that i was talking about in my previous post. )

ooh those black Birks with that cool bag and that OTHER PERSON that can make some one's day!

i'll be back in August to tell you about it!

have a good week, ROCK STARS!


Saturday, July 26, 2014


...back to the familiar reflections on 34.

hello lovelies!

as you may have noticed, i was virtually traveling last week!

it was a joy.

i hope that i found all of your simply irresistible dream destinations.

if i missed anyone, i truly apologize.

i had the most wonderful time traveling with you!

( yesterday's banner tribute and post was for you and your attendees, dear Anita.)

when the travel began, my Mom was two days post op from

total knee replacement.  she is now recuperating in a rehabilitation facility.

she is doing very well.  we are hoping that she can return home Monday or Tuesday.

Dad has been doing great! he is quite independent. his stamina and outlook 

makes my heart strong, and reminds daily how blessed i am to have them still on earth with me!

before mom's surgery, they bought a new puppy!

i must admit...

meet "Pippa"!

...i was a little worried about them taking on a puppy...and surgery... 

AND MOM'S REHABILITATION at the same time.  (my folks are now in their mid 80's)

Pippa is keeping Dad company while Mom is away!

she is also officially a registered visitor at the rehabilitation center!

it's all good!



i am headed off to numerous Saturday errands.

the weather in the Pacific Northwest of America is set for gorgeous once again!

i am dying to gather Sunflowers!

i picked pinned these for to my kitchen "fleur board" 

this morning while sipping my coffee!

they are sooooo August...starting to feel September to me!

it's my favorite transition of the year!

oh man!  time to check out August Vogue!  i am sooo late!

enjoy your weekend!


Friday, July 18, 2014



en Provence...

sur la table de ferme!


parfum extraordinaire !


 boutique distillerie !


fête sur!



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

small SWEET TEXAS story...

hello lovelies!

i hope this day finds you well.

it was a blessing to have my family in one place for ten days.

as with all families,

there was plenty of storytelling and reminiscing.

this morning, i stumbled across an image on Pinterest,

that stirred and simmered a sweet memory...

many of you know that Jay went to college in Texas for a year

on a baseball scholarship.  Mr D drove him down in 

the Little Red Truck and flew back.  when it came time for Mr D to 

fly home, Jay wasn't convinced that he wanted to stay.

there were those new and strange creatures (Cockroaches and Armadillos) !

it was a long, long way from home.  after many pep talks...Jay stayed.

we flew him home for Christmas.

on Christmas morning, while baking cinnamon rolls, and

slicing and toasting the last loaf of Biscotti, he came into the kitchen and said,

"Mom, do you want me to teach you The Texas Two Step?"

he said...

"Landon ( Jay's friend and teammate) told me that every mom in Texas teaches her

 son the Two Step in the kitchen."  ( i know, Landon...perfect Texas boy name.)

perhaps it was an overstatement...

...but, i was so touched!

there i was, dancing the Texas Two Step, with my son on Christmas morning.

what a gift!

what a memory! when i saw 

...i just had to pin it and share!

may you find  moments to dance in your kitchen.