Monday, October 20, 2014

good morning sunrise and Mr D!

Mr D bidding a me and the world good morning!

the images were take at the Pot Holes in Eastern Washington at sunrise this morning.

he and the guys are away, at their annual cast and blast.

Eastern Washington presents a special kind of magic.

it's filled with the best of nature's bounty.

morning fresh from field and stream...


Saturday, October 18, 2014

simply...e g g s t r a o r d i n a r y!

salad for breakfast?

 spinach mine! ici!

 drizzle and dip...ici!

a morning "toastada" for me!...aquí!

on the weekend, i love brunching my buttered french bread.
(try this on toasted or grilled Panera's killer!)

...this morning, on 34th street

i am loving this brand of soft, (i mean soft ) handmade corn tortillas. 

on occasion, i take them to Italia by marrying them to pesto and sun dried tomatoes. 


here's to endless, simple, creative, savory, yumminess!

yes, i ate the olives while i cooked!

to weekend starts!



Monday, October 13, 2014

soft autumn....

:: ici ::

i know!

i have been totally m...i...a...!

longer hours at the clinic...carrying an extra workload for just a bit.

i'm half way there! good.


sipping the Verona this morning before i go.

:: ici ::

a weekend sleepover at the grands!

(mama and daddy's very first weekend away.)

all of my attention went to them.

they soak it in and love it, and so do i!

i was channeling my inner Mary Poppins all weekend long.

it's no secret that magic always happens when i am with my grands!

i also had my mommy radar going...

(i'm not the best sleeper as it is.)

home again...i didn't hear the alarm this morning.

 i did feel The Chocolate Gousse's cold nose on my cheek.

i was in the deepest sleep!
( thank you, grands! )

:: ici ::

i was dreaming about mixing up some soft autumn

:: ici ::

colors and textures.

:: ici ::

...thinking of how i could carry them into the holidays!

:: ici ::

i am thankful and satisfied with autumn's earliest servings and

a lovely deep sleep dream.

what a perfect way to start the week and this season, for that matter!

:: ici ::

just sharing whats d a n c i n g in my head this morning.


Friday, October 10, 2014

FRENCH BREAD ON FRIDAY... six word essay...non fiction...on the Hemingway...







felt the impulse for a little two minute sketchbook figure drawing at 6...
...haven't drawn for sooo long.
resources for the photographs can be found here,

Friday, October 3, 2014


The Gai's French Baking very first bite of French bread!

 the loaves were placed in long parchment wraps with red writing.

Phil and Henry Gai were the son's of an Italian immigrant, Giglio,

who started the business by baking loaves of French bread at home

and delivering door to door. 

if you grew up in Seattle, a view of a Gai's bread truck always

made you smile. a moment at a stoplight, learning to read...

...just like Holland Grace when she sees the words Costco and Starbucks! 

the delivery trucks are now a part of Seattle history.

it's the weekend!

loaf is good!

...and so far, October...

...i am silly in near Seattle!