Monday, August 31, 2015

m e - o n - t h i r t y - f o u r . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

:: ici ::

“what draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. they share it.”  
 ― C.S. Lewis

i haven't been the best blog friend lately.  my time is focused on my mom and dad, my family

and a class reunion that is just around the corner . . . August is a busy month

at the clinic, (the rush before school starts). last week was tough. i wrote a whole post

 about it.  i was ready to click publish. i hit delete.

why re-hash last week?

 to summarize? 

four words . . . mom . . . scared . . . victory . . .  i prefer the word miracle.

it's all good at present.

:: ici ::


i have loved the nearly five 

year journey within my little 

blog.  you have enriched me. 

you have validated my

creative ventures, and lifted

my whims.

i have grown by reading your

stories and watching life

"live" by your design.

i sometimes worry that i have become cliché . . . redundant.  one is bound to be so in this venue.

 as C.S.Lewis said above  . . . friends share and seek a similar truth.

:: ici ::

there is something very 

therapeutic for me to land on

pretty images, save them,

and weave my thoughts

words in - between.

i am such a visual person. perhaps

it's my own version of meditation.

i am aware that my speech is not particularly eloquent. 

i speak as if  we are sharing coffee, a beer, or on Fridays,

 a bountiful glass of French wine with bread.

when i am away. . .  i miss here!

:: ici ::

here is for me and for you.

here is to inspire.

here is to bring ease when we 

experience trying times.

here is to interject

beauty, creativity, humor, and 

reveal the real and sometimes "off 

beat me".  

( last week there were prayers . . .  and a tongue - in - cheek effort to seek strength

by  paraphrasing  "Alicia" . . . singing myself to . . ."put the "S" on your chest!"

. . . and then came sweet serendipity!  

i landed on the image above at tumblr.

the "S" is cool, but the notion of rolling up the sleeves of a black silky blouse over

a pretty black lace-y "cami" and facing life, takes the edge off too!)

:: ici ::

i am here 

to remind 

ME and YOU

 to SELF CARE . . . 

 . . . and NOT compare!

:: ici ::

have a great week!  see ya in September! 

(p.s. Linda C., i will be there tomorrow to sing a little Neil Diamond with you!
just like last year, the year before and the year before that! )


Friday, August 21, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y . . .

b o n j o u r L o v e s.

. . . a found image "parfait" for today!
( who captured this magic for me? do tell!  )

can you feel a moment of contentment and reflection in this image?

* * *

FboF, when i return to a simple moment of contentment that occurred

on a Friday, at the gare du Nord à Paris when i was 17.  
( apporter du pain )

a moment that slumbered within a life filled with a million magical moments . . .

. . . to awaken when i began to build this petite Friday french folly of mine.

* * * 

this week had it's little challenges.

i felt nervous.

i felt overwhelmed.

Dad sailed through his surgery.)

i felt relief.

i felt grateful.

Wednesday night, i felt sad before i fell asleep.  the sadness quickly transformed into

contentment knowing that i always awake happy in the morning.
( une personne du matin )

 isn't it comforting when life's challenges transform into magical moments?

tomorrow is Mom's 86th birthday.

we have reserved the private dining room in the home where she is rehabilitating for

a luncheon. Chrislyn is baking her a cake!  . . . and YES there will be French bread!

after all, it is my Mom who planted the "français" in me!


Friday, August 14, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n F r i d a y !

b o n j o u r B e a u t i f u l s !

how are all of you, today?

 i hope well.
( so glad it's Friday . . . )

although the days are still hot, i can feel the turn to Autumn. the turn to a season

that i love.  today is Blue Friday once again.  #firstgameday  #gohawks


this is a post that has been dancing in my mind for a long time. it was meant for

last Friday, but with the events of mom's fall last week, i did not meet my deadline.

she is doing better, now recovering in a rehabilitation facility.


i discovered Sharon Santoni's blog in early February 2011,

i became totally captured by obsessed with her stories and images of 

the lifestyles of her French girlfriends. 

when Sharon announced that she had written a book featuring her french

girlfriends, i was elated.
{thank you for listening to your readers, Sharon.}

of course, i pre-ordered.

now home with me on 34, Sharon and her girlfriends continue to "muse" me.

Christelle's kitchen.

i caught a peek of Christelle's kitchen in October of 2011.

 it has been in my head for almost four years.

yes. i have dreamed about it.

now,  a full view!

the windows!

the natural light!
( it's as if she is cooking outdoors.)

i love it's perfection within it's imperfection.

you see, the budget here on 34 presently does not allow granite

counter tops and cabinet finery, as we have big plans for the preservation

of the outside of our home next summer.
( perhaps the idea of staged finery does not appeal to me at all. )

 i love this kitchen, and the others in this book.

 the style of French women bring contentment to me.

their lifestyle does not leave me yearning for things that i do not have.

i have a reclaimed affinity for pieces i may not have touched in years.


 a natural beauty!
( i must not forget to compliment M. Franck Schmitt for his amazing photography.)

Clarisse and i have very similar hair. i spend time ironing mine. i love how

she lets her hair go soft. what a lovely frame for her pretty face.

  she owns a beautiful floral boutique, always a dream of mine.
( i once spoke of my dream here, by invitation from Anita Rivera.)

it was fun to see and feel little design connections page after page.

 Clarisse and i appear to embrace a similar affinity for color and style in our mix of modern

and traditional with pops of green.

  we both have a statement black cupboard in our living room.

( apprécié )

Sharon, i adore your book. it is as if you wrote, styled and published it just for me.

( révérer )


:: My Stylish French Girlfriends can be found here ::

Monday, August 10, 2015

h o l d m e c l o s e r t i n y d o n u t s !

h e l l o o o o o o L o v e l i e s !

happy new week!

i LOVE this kind of stuff!  
( who out there is responsible for the image above?  if it's you, please let me know! )

this silly "meet cute" had me singing E.J.'s tiny dancer the rest of the day.

:: ici ::

 more food for thought happened when i landed on this image

:: ici ::

from a cool little online shop inspired by the super natural beauty around me.

then came the whim!
( a whim that transported me into a plan of action!)

where am i going with this?

:: to another local . . . amazon ::


 to grandma's house!
(can't wait to bake tiny donuts with my tiny donuts!)

we'll get frosted, sprinkled and eat cake for breakfast!