Saturday, October 3, 2015

b l o o m i n' a p p l e s ! a u t u m n 2 0 1 5 h a s a r r i v e d !

h e l l o B e a u t i f u l s !

how the heck are you?

this is one of those posts where i will be all over the place!

i am in a most reflective mood!

 feeling gratitude!

dancing on moon!

i have grasped the golden ring of  Autumn, holding it tight for safe keeping!

the mist and the magic of my favorite season have arrived!
( the Needle is a testament to the "12s". GO HAWKS! )

 that mist builds itself over night, and greets me with a BIG Pacific Northwest 
cool Autumn kiss facial in the morning!
(what a glorious God given anti - aging freebie!)

about thirty years ago, a cab driver in NYC told me that he could always
tell when a woman was from "the Northwest". he said, "their skin looks so fresh".
he said, "it must be the mist and wet weather, out there". "all that rain!"
  perhaps he was fishing for an extra tip . . . i accepted his compliment.
 ( got to love a cabbie talking about "a woman's complexion" on the way to JFK !)

this is my dream rug.

i am almost certain that the price is a thousand . . . or two . . . or more from reality.

i hope that Lauren Wells does not mind that i borrowed her photograph to share with

you on my blog.  if you are an instagrammer, you may follow her here. i assure brilliance!

* * *

a new season brings transition.

 once again, i am inspired to clean, purge and organize, all the time reminding myself,

  the holidays are just ahead!

when i am finished here, i plan to go to the store to buy some Honey Crisps! 

i am going to try this recipe for dessert to go with our braised short ribs in red wine tonight.

 Chrislyn gave us copies a few images that she caught with her camera 

on grandparents day.  Holland calls her Burberry thrift shop makeover

 dress her detective look
 (already defining her fashion!) 

that's my grand girl!

 B L E S S E D !


Monday, September 28, 2015

b a c k h o m e o n t h e b l o g s p o t . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !


exhale . . .

. . . back on a MONDAY on 34th street.

i am way behind on my visits, but so ready to get into the blog world groove again.

my new mug is coffee rich!
(it's officially sweater weather!)

the FAB mug was a gift from my still beautiful both inside and out  friend,

Nancy P., formerly Nancy A.

check out the iconic image of the Fab Four fishing out of their room

at The Edgewater in 1966.
( the Pioneer Woman posted about her stay in The Beatles room here. )

Nancy saw it in the gift shop. it triggered her memory of me meeting The Beatles.
( very briefly, mind you. )

the reunion was a success. many reconnected. many shared their visions and

possible volunteer capabilities for the 50th.
( i hope it wasn't the wine talking.)

for myself?

in the 9th hour i said yes to the helm, with some coaxing.

 my friend Gail was a Godsend, and two other classmates Marilyn and Rosanne

helped get the invites out! the first venue fell through, so we needed to move fast.

we kept it simple and made it happen.

( folks have full lives of work, travel, tending to the needs of aging parents

and time held basking in the joy of grandparenthood. )
( my favorite use of time! : )

although the reunion was considered a success for most, i do not consider my time

pulling it together a success.  though unintentional, there were harmed feelings.

i will hold on to those i reconnected with. i can only hope and pray that time

will heal those who were hurt.

* * *

autumn on 34th street will be rich in the celebration of life.

first we will gather for a remembrance and then we will gather to greet!

we have FOUR babies (within our precious community of family and friends ) due in November

two of the momma's ( one being my Chrislyn) are going "old school",

waiting for a delivery day reveal.

i am off to the clinic!

back on schedule, with the fullest four months left in the dust behind me!

thank you for your support, during the five weeks of my mother's illness, and

most recently with the loss of our dear friend Bill.

we are a community blessed . . .

 . . . withLove!

Friday, September 25, 2015

c a r r y o n . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

last week, i said that i would not be here today.

  . . . but i just had to be here.

for me. 

for you. 

for my Mr D. ( i love him, so )

for our friend, Bill. (a small tribute . . . my way of bringing him back for a visit to 34th street.)

. . . filled with so many joys and victories. 

September is a month of sweet remembers for our family!

then came last week. . . sadness visited. . . a very big loss within our dearest circle of friends.

:: Mr D, Bill and Steve ::

carry on, we will always remember 
carry on, your life with us nearly equaled the splendor
now, pain is behind you
but, surely heaven waits for you
{inspired by Kansas - recorded in 1975 }


your STRENGTH, spirit and sense of humor will always LIVE within us!

we miss to the blue moon over oranges and back! 

. . . withLove!

( all images except the six pack can be found here.)

Friday, September 18, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y . . .

:: ici ::

::  e n c o u r a g e r  ::

"Writing consistently about the personal side of life is the single most powerful thing that has 

come into my life over the past two years.  If you’ve ever wanted to start writing but don’t know 

where to begin, then I would really encourage you to start by simply putting pen to paper 

and taking note of the magic moments – even if they are of times long gone.  My hope for you 

is that it not only brings more joy and gratitude into your life and encourages you to do 

new things, but that it will also be a gentle way of setting out on your own writing journey."
                                                                                            ~ Esther Zimmer

next month mon petit blog will be five years old.

i captured Esther's quote from her post titled "take note of magic moments". i discovered her

 blog, Style & Conversation, on August 3rd, during the hours my mother was having surgery

to pin her broken hip.  reading her has been a gentle journey.   . . . a gifted perspective.

 i remember how timid i was when i wrote and published my very first blog post.

at first, i was alone.

then something very, very special happened . . .

 . . .  your names and kind words slowly began to appear . . . names and words gifts wrapped

with lovely ribbons in the brilliant colors of  joy, creativity, friendship, love . . .

. . . and encouragement!


a new direction to seek personal growth.


une nouvelle magie!

:: bonjour french words ::

i have been very focused away from here for the past three months.

July brought a holiday weekend, followed by a family time - stay - cation.

August brought mother's fall and a huge focus on her recovery.

it was imperative to visit the nursing - rehabilitation home almost every day.

( . . . all the time, the details of a class reunion on September 26th . . . dancing about

 in my mind . . . beckoning my attention.)

:: ici ::

mom  went home on September 10th!  she has transitioned well. home health is in the house

once a week, meeting the needs of occupational and physical therapy.

my class reunion {#45} is next Saturday. our family room is the staging area.

the farm table holds familiar penned names from my youth.

:: ici ::

no french words will be placed on mon petite blog next week.  before and after clinic,

 i will be prepping for our old school party on the vineyard at Devorah Creek next Saturday!

". . . your soul could never grow old, it's evergreen."
{Evergreen High School - Class of 1970}

"Thinking Out Loud" - Ed Sheeran 
(love this song)

 . . . a follow up to last fbof . . . my premonition was spot
on.  she wore her vintage Burberry for grandparents day!

e n c o u r a g e r !