Thursday, December 16, 2010

~a little fun with a fashion trend...

 and my silly side~

Tonight's bedtime story...


It's a story about Chris and Ashley's journey...

First to the

United Kingdom to visit a shop called

Cabbages and Roses.

At Cabbages and Roses, they make their own fabrics,


and accessories by hand.

The birth country of Tartan...
It's  jolly and lovely in the UK!!!

Fa la la la la la la !


Back across the pond to New York City

and the traditions of 

 Ralph Lauren at...HOME

There Chris and Ashley spy a cozy bed with

 piles of plaid pillows... the room is fragrant...

filled with tartan touches and...

they see their names monogrammed on Lauren

signature stockings!

but is was ...

On the avenue... 5th Avenue... where they discover the 

 wildest tartan trend of 2010.

MAC Cosmetic's ~ Tartan Tales!

They said...

"What a fun take on plaid!"
"You have to see it, feel it and try it!"

"So much fun!"

"So much flair!"

"It's the coolest stuff for girlfriends...everywhere!"

Night Night! Sleep tight!


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