Monday, December 20, 2010

The Love Lights are Twinkling!

I would like to introduce you to Amanda Kay Photography...

Emma in lights 2009

Amanda and her husband James are the sweet friends of  my daughter Chrislyn and her husband, Jason. They have two adorable children. Emma and Kasey.  Jason, James and Mandy met at Washington State.

I fell in love with the photo (above) of Emma and the twinkle lights last Christmas.  It was then, I started to follow Mandy's {McMahon Family} blog.

Mandy has had a very busy and productive year! She and James welcomed dear Kasey into the world along with the {development} of her photography business.  I am particularly fascinated with her family lifestyle photography.

I have selected a few of my favorites... If you live in western Washington state and are looking for a lifestyle photographer visit Mandy at her link above.


How cute is {Twinkle X 2}in 2010!
( I grabbed this off of facebook this morn' )

Emma & Kasey... wrapped in the lights of 2010

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  1. what sweet photos. Love that one of the silhouette of mom & baby. Makes me miss my Audrey being so teensy.