Thursday, December 30, 2010


About 6 months ago my daughter called me. She was super excited..."Jason (her hubby), was taking her to a Lake Forest Park bookstore to meet The Pioneer Woman!" ... 

" Who is the Pioneer Woman?"...(sorry..PDub!)

"Mom...she has a blog, it's amazing... I'm going to purchase her cookbook!"

Chrislyn and PW at the bookstore.

After consuming some wonderful food (made by Chrislyn) from PW's cookbook, and my daughter's my enthusiasm, I just had to check out Ree's website to see what all the hoopla was about!

I did... and through PW... I found Layla, Holly, Melissa, Emily, Jami... and this amazing...COMMUNITY!

Emily...My Mentor...Encourager!

I followed them for about few months...then at the end of October with some encouragement from Emily, I decided to take the plunge and start a blog of my own.

~*Dreams on 34th Street*~

I'm an early bird...up every morning before 5am...Mr Dreams leaves for work at 5:28. I throw a load of clothes in the washer and grab a cup of coffee. It's time to check out what's happening in my new community!


I see the "teeny" photo squares of  my 11 (now 12!) followers...all amazing...all inspirational...all fun...all very special to me!

Jami...My first follower!

A little click here and there...then I's time to do a couple quick chores and get ready for work...but...

I have such new found energy...because...

I've travelled around the world a few times and I've been over the moon...flying through amazing thoughts and creative processes!

Thank you, sweet community!

Have a safe {First Night} of 2011! I wish you all the best for our New Year!!!

{with love}

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A peek at Spring 2011...

Crisp whites...denim...khaki!

{Throw a little linen into the mix and I know I'm in Heaven!}

So favorite fashion design elements of Spring 2011!

Bring on Elie Tahari and Derek Lam!

The "Trench"...worn soft or belted!

I would pop on a bright "Emerson Made" posy or... watch the vintage clothing and thrift stores for 70's silk scarves signed... Gucci and Pucci!

How coool is this look? A soft cotton tank or lace cami could replace the demi...after all we most likely will not be wearing this look in San Tropez!

If you have the legs...go for it!

This is my favorite...Imagine replacing the white trousers with bell bottom jeans...I'm all about metallic accents in spring and summer...check out the handbag!


Play with the combinations and mix the whole story with print silk

scarves, flower pins,  platforms, strappy sandals, or colorful flats!


How many of us have already interpreted this trend

into our home design?


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The dish on my dishes!

Thirty eight years ago, as a newly engaged bride-to-be, I registered for Denby Stoneware in the pattern called Gypsy.

During  many years of family wear and tear, I have broken only 3 pieces. There were instances of dropping when the dishes literally bounced off of the floor. In most cases the floor was linoleum... which can justify it's survival.

As you know, Mr D and I are in the process of redecorating and remodeling our home. On Christmas Day, Chrislyn, Jason and Jay thought it was due time to give me an alternative to my old stoneware.

My new stoneware!... A sweet and thoughtful gift from my kids via Ballard Designs.  How perceptive they were to my recent interest in creamy white stoneware...  with fluted edge details...Could it be that reading my blog is like reading a Gift Registry?  If so...{SMILE}...

I have been eyeing this amazing pie plate from Williams Sonoma for a while now.  Hmmm...Christmas bonus money? Birthday?...

I LOVE my new dishes!!! Thank you, {My Sweet C.J. & J.}

{with love}

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Favorite Sports Guy...and a {replay} of a Christmas Eve Bedtime Story...

Brought to you with a smile from a proud Mom.

As you know, my son, Jay is a sports director for KLEW... a  TV station in the quad city area of Idaho. 

His first job after college and the intern circuit, he has been at KLEW a little over two and a half years.

Last year, Jay started his own little Christmas Eve tradition during his 6 minute segment of news. He had the Idaho Vandal football team read "Twas The Night Before Christmas",  as they prepared to leave town for a bowl game.

This year, On Christmas Eve, Jay actually had his own 30 minute  sports {Christmas Special}. In the final segment of his special he invited athletes from all over the Quad Cities to read the traditional Christmas Eve bedtime story.

I wish I could have shared this on Christmas Eve, but I had to wait until it was OK for Jay to release it.

So, if you would like to turn back the clock a few nights...Here is the Sports Buzz version of the famous tale. It's recited with love from a very special community of athletes and coaches.

In the spirit of this amazing time of year...

May Godspeed as we cross the finish line of 2010

and line up at the start of 2011.

Sleep well tonight, sweet sugar plums!

{with love}

Friday, December 24, 2010

Our *Christmas* Chandelier

I saw it at Pottery Barn in the Fall of 2009. It was way to pricey.  My mind was busy trying to figure out a way to make my own version.  Then came February 2010. I found it on line...marked down to almost 1/2 price! I had my Christmas bonus tucked away and made the purchase.


Mr Dreams hung it in November after we finished our painting our ceilings.

How beautifully it reflects our Christmas



{Chrislyn & Jason's wedding invitation - 2009}

And Love...

{My mother makes snowflakes!}

I wish you a peaceful, loving and joyous Christmas.

Celebrate the magic and the miracle!

{with love}

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Who's counting???

~*Cleaning * Shopping * Baking * Wrapping * Refining *~

Hang in there!!!!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

~ * Bringing the mountains inside...again...Candles in the Snow * ~

How can I not share this? 

Do you remember yesterday's post?
 We visited Alex and Carla Marie
~making "an Unbelievable"...B E L I E V A B L E ~
as they sled down their inside staircase ... out the front entrance of their home, into their front yard ~* ala **~"Home Alone"!!!

This morning, I found another photograph of {snow inside} while visiting beautiful Jacqueline at Home.
The photograph has inspired me to add an idea to my
{Basket List}

  (girls don't have bucket lists)

"In the winter, take time to light some candles in the snow!"

"In the summer... light candles in the sand!"

* L*
~with love~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Supremely Cute Ideas on a Budget No. 3 - A stay*cation...Bringing the Mountains Home!

Snow Day..! Carla Marie and Alex put away the Hammer and Heels and play!


I was introduced to Carla Marie and Alex at Hammers & High Heels while following Kevin and Layla at The Lettered Cottage last September. The Lettered Couple were up north {junking} in Carla Marie and Alex's town, when they decided to offer an impromptu make over. The lucky newlyweds were selected. Their guest room received the TLC!

Letting your inner child come out and play on a Minnesota Snow day...

Carla and Alex's most recent post reminds us that adults can let that inner child out once in a while, and what fun ...a very cool couple can have ...when they are HOME ALONE!

Do you remember the stairway at the Mc Allister's house?

Do you remember sliding down the stairs with Kevin 20 years ago?

Today you will be sliding with Alex and Carla Marie!

I am only going to show a few of the photos to tease you.
You have to visit their blog to see the movie!
As far as I can stunt doubles were used in their production!
Alex is ready...Are you?


Monday, December 20, 2010

The Love Lights are Twinkling!

I would like to introduce you to Amanda Kay Photography...

Emma in lights 2009

Amanda and her husband James are the sweet friends of  my daughter Chrislyn and her husband, Jason. They have two adorable children. Emma and Kasey.  Jason, James and Mandy met at Washington State.

I fell in love with the photo (above) of Emma and the twinkle lights last Christmas.  It was then, I started to follow Mandy's {McMahon Family} blog.

Mandy has had a very busy and productive year! She and James welcomed dear Kasey into the world along with the {development} of her photography business.  I am particularly fascinated with her family lifestyle photography.

I have selected a few of my favorites... If you live in western Washington state and are looking for a lifestyle photographer visit Mandy at her link above.


How cute is {Twinkle X 2}in 2010!
( I grabbed this off of facebook this morn' )

Emma & Kasey... wrapped in the lights of 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

that ahhhhh moment...SOLD!

About four years ago I purchased three rugs from Pottery Barn at a clearance price.
{The Brice Rug}

The amazing price caught my eye. The combination of colors seemed calm and welcoming. The rugs would become the inspiration for our great room transition...{some day}.

Fast forward four years... the Brice rugs are back at PB and I continue to rejoice about my amazing savings..!

While Mr Dreams was at his Fall 2010 "Cast & Blast" in September, I decided it was due time to start the transition...(the kids are out of college and the wedding of our only daughter was behind us).

I  visited Benjamin Moore and chose Nantucket Gray for the wall color. I bought 2 gallons! Mr. D was not keen on the color, but he went with it. (I would display the color...but it does not interpret well in cyber world). The gray has a green undertone...a perfect match for{Brice}!

Firstly...Mr D painted the ceilings a warm-toned white. They look amazing..!

About a week ago...we popped open the cans of Nantucket Gray and started painting. Mr D was displaying some skepticism along the way.

On Thursday night I after I arrived home from work...Mr D said..."I have to admit...tonight, I walked in the door...and thought...these colors have a calming effect. It's nice to come home to after a long work day.  I am liking this..."


( I had been {dreaming}, refining, and selling this idea for four years)

This was my opportunity make the final sell!


Last night we went to PB. He was inspired and involved...

We purchased the Oatmeal Peyton Linen Drapes,( at 20% off), to enhance our {Modern * Cottage Living * Look}.

We also selected a couple new pillow covers.
(I'm really into the clean lines of the upholstery webbing, it can be interpreted as modern, vintage or cottage.)

We talked about crown molding shelves to finish the top of the vertical planking! The planking and shelving will be a warm-toned white. We were originally only going to do one wall... but NOW, with his new found enthusiasm, he has suggested to plank the opposing feature wall in the room...YES!

It's so much fun to decorate when your partner see's your vision and builds upon it!

Next Stop...hmmm... a glass of wine, and a visit to Ballard Designs on line!?!

Have a happy weekend before Christmas!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

~a little fun with a fashion trend...

 and my silly side~

Tonight's bedtime story...


It's a story about Chris and Ashley's journey...

First to the

United Kingdom to visit a shop called

Cabbages and Roses.

At Cabbages and Roses, they make their own fabrics,


and accessories by hand.

The birth country of Tartan...
It's  jolly and lovely in the UK!!!

Fa la la la la la la !


Back across the pond to New York City

and the traditions of 

 Ralph Lauren at...HOME

There Chris and Ashley spy a cozy bed with

 piles of plaid pillows... the room is fragrant...

filled with tartan touches and...

they see their names monogrammed on Lauren

signature stockings!

but is was ...

On the avenue... 5th Avenue... where they discover the 

 wildest tartan trend of 2010.

MAC Cosmetic's ~ Tartan Tales!

They said...

"What a fun take on plaid!"
"You have to see it, feel it and try it!"

"So much fun!"

"So much flair!"

"It's the coolest stuff for girlfriends...everywhere!"

Night Night! Sleep tight!