Wednesday, January 26, 2011

twenty~six January

Happy Australia (Aussie) Day!
... to my friends down under!

it's a party here in Whistler, BC!

 i love Whistler Village...

the place is filled with people from all over the world.

i enjoy the opportunity to interact with the young people

from {The Commonwealth} that work (and play)

in the village. they are mostly Australian...

but many are from New Zealand.

last night we went to dinner and our waitress was Jules.

i told her about my sweet blog friend Jessi. 

we decided to take a photo to send home for Jules...

and to say hi to Jessi and NZ.

(thankyou to mr do34thst for taking the great photo!)
Hey Jessi!...Jules said to say hello to a fellow Kiwi!
From left to right...
my dad John, Jules, me and my mother Jan!

(Tomorrow...dessert at the Chateau Fairmont)

{with love}

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