Sunday, January 2, 2011

After the hustle ~ bustle of the


A week long {Snow Day}

It's time to start menu planning and

packing for the trip... 

Our timeshare in Whistler BC

I am already looking forward to our

daily and nightly walks through the village.

The quaint shops

Christmas lights that we don't have to put up or take down.

The morning jaunts...

Clean, Crisp mountain air...

Strolling through the village in the snow.

Stopping to sip a cup of coffee,
hot chocolate or a hot toddie!
And my favorite establishment...
The Dubh Linn Gate
This photograph is currently on my screen saver
at work! ; - )


My entire side of the family makes the journey...

We have a blast!

 Some ski, some snowboard, and some zip line it!

We go inter-tubing, play board games, and work out!

There's hot tubbing, and swimming.

The girls also watch chick flicks and knit. 

We love shopping, baking

and cooking great meals!

Yes, we love to cook while on vacation!

My parents gave my brother Jon's family

and my family each a time share three years ago.

We have a yearly fee of about $900.00,

which is very reasonable for a week's vacation

 and the amenities we receive!

There are other timeshare locations

that we could travel to...but it's the beauty of

Whistler and the fact that it is only

 a 5 hour drive from home that keeps us returning.

My Mom and Dad on {The Wood Bridge}...
on the way to the Lower Village.

{with love}


  1. Oh what a a time you will have! How beautiful those pics are...and how wonderfully generous your folks are!! (I need folks!! ;))...and I love that you love to cook on vacation...ME TOO! Pretty much as soon as we're settled somewhere I'm out with a recipe book or two..even when we go away on the boat..can't wait to get the bread rising or the pikelets/pancakes cooking...dunno what it is. Love it! What an amazing experience to have all your family there...have a brilliant time!! woohoo!! ;)
    jessie, (from no-snow-downunder!!!) xx

  2. What fun! I love trips that involve the whole can hang out together while doing your own thing (ex chick flicks!). I too LOVE to cook while on vacation. I get moans and groans from everyone, but I just love spending the time together cooking :) Whistler looks amazing!! Happy New Year my friend

  3. I am so completely touched by your comment. It just makes me teary eyed thinking about it. Then I come over here to thank you and see your side bar....gulp. What a sweetheart you are. Prayers are getting me through this. Thank you so much! As for your upcoming trip, all I can say is WOW! It looks breathtaking. I want to go to Canada so badly, and British Columbia looks perfect. Have fun sweetness!!