Friday, January 14, 2011

 In my town...

we have a bridge.

It's not an ordinary bridge.

It's a gateway!

On the bridge...

there is a wall of Venetian urns...

and a tunnel of translucent color.


  Then there are steps...steps...and...

a few more steps...

until you have reached...

 Martin Blank's...

~ ~  Fluent Steps ~ ~

Where you step into an absence of color.

Softly, it's found again as the organic ice prisms

 dance on the cool water during the day...

and rise up to the sounds of night life in the city.

It's cool magic from a hot shop!


This is what you see before you enter

You haven't spent a dime!

{It's a gift!}

Have a perfect January weekend, sweet friends!

{with love}

1 comment:

  1. Wow Lynne how absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful! What great talent, and yes, what a gift! If that's whats on the outside, my mind boggles as to what awaits inside! Superb.
    luv jessie x