Friday, January 28, 2011

sharing time...

we love our yearly visit to our time-share

at Whistler, BC, Canada

the nice thing about a time share is that you can

experience a vacation with amenities sort of like

the rich and famous on a middle class income.


i thought it would be fun to share some of the
special touches that make us feel like
we're home again...
(please forgive the quality of my cell phone shots)

 touches of art & design in the hallways...

each elevator landing has it's own statement

warm apple cider is served daily in the lobby...
here is one on the many places you
 can sit, sip the spiced delight,
and enjoy the mountain view.

today, a glimpse of sunshine through a lobby window

your morning paper awaits...

homespun touches...

i love this little chair...
it's on the wall on the way to our place!

here's our place! 

 I'll tidy it up a bit for your visit tomorrow!
{with love}

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