Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whister To do list...

yarn and {free} pattern shopping...

For my Whistler knitting project...

I love visiting the Lion Brand Yarn

site to get ideas!

{The Collection}
I may select something from

{The Collection}

to play with a headband

idea that I have. It is inspired by

the photograph below.

A free pattern for beginners on the site...
~Old School Headbands~

I'll try some new manipulations!


I would love to be wrapped up

in cozy colour!!!

Another free pattern from LB...
"The Directional Scarf"

This yarn is called "Amazing".

It's available in many color

spectrum's...I think it

could play well with

"The Directional Scarf" pattern...


At Christmas, my "Roomie"

at work...Rhonda,

made this "Amazing" pair of

fingerless mitts for me...

I just love them!

I am so lucky to have such

a talented and thoughtful friend!


Here is my selection!

The Lyndhurst Cowl
 I'll be using "Amazing Arcadia"!

An easy peasey cowl...

 to go with my mitts!

{with love}

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  1. Ok... I don't knit sew or crochet but these are gorgeous!!!! My friends keep saying "it's EASY you can't learn I'll teach you" blah blah blah.... just make me some for gifts darn it!!! no more bottles of wine please... lol, Jennifer