Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter White...
and Emily's Give~a~Way!

There is something about wearing

Winter White...

For me, it has always been most

pleasing  to wear it in January.

It can be classic, romantic and soft,


young, jazzy and fun!

Anne Hathaway...
Flounced in a Valentino
Courtier Trapeze!

Don't you love this

season's trend? 

~My favorite headband!~

better yet?

If you want to indulge...

Visit Emily at jones design company... 


put your name in the hat for this awesome

Winter White Give~a~ Way!

Good Luck!
Good Night!
Great Job! Emily!

{with love}


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and it's great! xo

  2. ah, thanks. Love that headband

  3. Arent' all those whites lovely? for me of course, right now would be mid-summer-whites! which I love too..the only way I can look in the least bit tanned is to wear all white! haha (i'm a whitey who just freckles up in the sun!...ah gotta love 'gradual tan'..aka..FAKE tan!!)..can remember back in the day when it was DEFINITELY NOT AU FAIX to wear fake tan..laughable...BUT NOW! OH YEAH! It's fashionable!!..and recommended!! lol. So I'd like to be dressed like the lady in the first pic (anne hathaway might carry off the second look but maybe a 50something would look totally scary in it!! haha)
    Thanks so much for adding a link to my give*a*way (love how you write it like that ;))..i'm enjoying 'meeting' new people..and hearing from 'old' ones :)
    have a fab day L..
    jessie x