Tuesday, February 8, 2011

baseball love...

Jay : (by phone...10 minutes post Superbowl)

"mom, in 7 days the pitchers and catchers report

 to spring training"


about a week ago, i was visiting one of my favorite blogs,

My Sweet Savannah.  Melaine was showing and telling

a story about her ~makeshift mudroom~.

so adorable and devoted to a lifestyle of love

 and care of her beautiful children! 


as i looked at her wonderful photos this one

touched my heart!

...just a sweet little baseball.

a baseball is art... and love... and dreams to me.

Melaine's photograph

 brought back the memories of being {team mom}

... a reminder of the times i told him to pick up his

equipment and not to swing the bat in the house.

the trip to Japan...

that amazing day in May 2002... when he was

drafted by the Cincinnati Reds!

the joy he experiences working as a sports director today ...

and how i love talking sports with Jay. 

 it's a reminder that dreams can come true!


happy Valentine's Day Jay!
some of the pitchers and catchers report on Valentine's Day!
the position players report in two weeks!
i LOVE you! MOM

... Melaine...i hope it's okay to place your photo

on my dream board!

thank you for your sweet post!

{with love}

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