Friday, February 4, 2011

do you have any old lace doilies hanging around?

the amazing up cycle designs of Shannon South

how lovely...a collage of vintage ~ handmade wonder.

antique lace takes on comtemporary!

once illuminated...

the reflection is truly MAGIC!!!


Shannon is known for her ability to recycle leather

jackets into the most amazing handbags!

 check this out!

she sells her products at places like...

and all over the country...

...she will make a bag,

or a lovely lace chandelier to order takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

{I may just have to try my own version

of a lace chandelier...

I have some doilies

made by my grandmothers tucked away!}

{with love}

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  1. wow how fab is this???? I've got some of my grandma's doilies too and I was going to frame some of them as a grouping over my bed. I'm thinking that this is a greater idea!! :)