Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my sweet {jami shoe}...

my first follower...made...{her} first shoes.

wrapped with love...

~ and ~
embellished as i dreamed they would be

in true {freckled} style...

complete with a miniature {laundry} bag...

filled with tiny clay tags...

as i unwrapped...i played with some of

the pieces by hanging them on our chandie!

(this is Jason and Chrislyn's wedding invitation

from October 2009... i loved making 200

for their amazing day!)

look where i placed the tiny {freckled laundry} bag!

thank you, Jami!

i am diggin' the clay tags on my chandie!

they will look very cool with bird prints and vintage

crystals for spring! 

~ love, love, love~

after playing...i re-wrapped the

precious little shoes.

to Chrislyn and Jason...

{with love}


  1. Jami's blog is very sweet and so are those shoes!
    I love what you have done to your chandy!!!
    Very creative!
    Pamela xo

  2. Oh my goodness. You are too awesome to make a little post like this! I really appreciate you staying up late just to do so and I'm so happy that you love those little shoes...and the extra goodies just for you! Can I just tell you that I ADORE your chandelier?! That is really beautiful. I love that you can hang pretty much anything from it. Are those clips magnetic? I want some. Are they something that you creativity added or did the chandie come that way? I'm intrigued now. Also, I can't believe you made 200 of those gorgeous invitations. Good heavens. What a great mom you are.

    And, how cute are you to wrap everything back up when you were done 'playing'. (I've done the same thing before. ha!)

    Thank you again for your sweet words and for sharing my {Jami shoes}.


  3. Thanks Mom (aka Grandma)...Baby Girl is going to love these shoes just as much as her mama! Can't wait to see them!