Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ruffles & rust...in the sunshine...

a perfect day with my daughter...

last Saturday was the most beautiful, sunny day here in

the Pacific Northwest!

Chrislyn & i had been planning a day together to

celebrate our birthdays...and begin  

the design process for the nursery.

we started our day at

 Ruffles & Rust.

yes...life is good!
the event was P A C K E D!

it was impossible to take photographs due to the crowd.

 the two photos that i am featuring today were

taken by Isabel at Maison Douce, before the event.
a display of ironstone to die for...
~ visit Isabel ~

for the rest of the tour!


we were definately inspired and impressed with

the amazing talent and presentation.


after Ruffles and Rust,  a stop in Snohomish. 

we visited the cute shops and had lunch at Fred's! (yummy)


on the way home to Tacoma, we

popped in to the the University Village...

we checked out

the Land of Nod,
a major tug at a grandmother~to~be's heartstrings! ; )

i picked up a pie dish at Williams ~ Sonoma,

~ and, of course...
 you cannot visit the village without a peek at 


with our hearts, souls and minds filled with

inspiration...we headed south to

Chrislyn and Jason's house. it was so

touching to watch Chrislyn's excitement

as she shared her ideas and discoveries

of the day with Jason!

{with love}

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  1. Lovely shops!! I checked out Isabel's blog...beautiful things!!
    Love that land of nod shop!
    Pamela xo