Sunday, March 20, 2011

celebrate! celebrate!

April showers!

rows and rows of pretty flowers!

an Easter frock...
blushing with style!

please come sit for a while!

the first hotdog & pretzel
... at the park! (go M's!)

~and the best thing ever...
after won't be dark!


happy Spring...sweet ~ flower ~ friends!

blooms for everyone!

{with love}

images in order of post presentation:
Skagit Valley Tulips, Nina Ricci, Lavender & Lilies, My Sweet Savannah!


  1. Great post Lynne! I love these images!!!

    How wonderful you were raised with German Shepherds! I was raised with Labrador Retrievers so this is my first pure breed Shepherd. I have to say this is the most intelligent, loyal breed ever.
    I would love to hear all about your Shepherds. I am always interested in people's experience with them. Pilot is just amazing she woke my husband up at 3am a few months back because our smoke detecter was going off and it is in the far end of the home and can't hear it. False alarm but we were so pleased with her. She is also very protective of our son.

    Pamela xo

  2. Lovely pictures Lynne, I would love to be sitting having my coffee on that gorgeous bench or chaise. Have a happy day, Linda x