Tuesday, March 8, 2011

images of oatmeal&rust...mixing it up with old&new...

last week i talked about how mr d and i

have been collecting art and antiques

for over 37 years. i have finally come up

with a statement of our style...


our painting, about 35 years old...
back then it was a perfect interpretation of old and new...
i loved the rustic style of the old barn...
 mr d loved the modern image in front of the barn.

with that in mind...i am sharing a few images

from my inspiration folder with you. 

i don't think i could find a
more perfect statement of o&r

this is a bit extreme...but it
is the perfect example of mixing

a softer version of old&new...

and a feminine approach...i
would replace the flower
with my favorite crusty
antique brooch .

or just leave it alone...

it's time to stop dreaming and interpreting...and

head to the office...it's fat tuesday...

i'll say goodbye to chocolate for a few

weeks...it's OK...maybe i will also say

goodbye to a few pounds too!

{with love}

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