Tuesday, March 29, 2011

French roast, cinnamon toast, laundry, a little virtual vacation and you!

a magazine's image of

morning light

who wouldn't want

Sadie Olive's basket of laundry!

French roast and

cinnamon toast with Cezanne

dreams of warm weather fashion...

a ten minute visit abroad...

and some keepsakes...

i stopped to smell the pink flowers at
French Buttons

thank you... for my morning

of inspiration today!

ohhhh...coffee's gone...

it's time to go!


it's going to be good out there!

{with love}

photo credits: campagne decoration, sadie olive's etsy shop, Cezanne, nieman marcus,
bergdorf goodman, French Buttons blogspot, images of coffee


  1. Oh Lynne this was such a sweet post and thanks for mentioning me! I just love your blog and it needs to be seen by more!! It is always so creatively written with the best images. A sure delight everytime!!
    I'm finding the best blogs are hidden away !

    Pamela ox

  2. I found you via French Buttons - lovely blog. I am your newest follower. Nice to meet you! x Sharon