Friday, March 18, 2011

please...make a cup of coffee or a pot of tea & take a little time to dream this weekend...

taking the back roads to Provence...

~ chipped rouge ~

~ French laundry ~

~ a found treasure ~

~ a perfect place to arrange a floral bouquet ~

~ heart ~

i dare you to find a more

perfect fishing spot!

{with love}

1 comment:

  1. Why hello back! Thanks for your comment L...haven't been by in awhile..sorry :( ...but look at your gorgeous header! Did you make that bag?? Oh it's just gorgeous! I totally love it!!! The header is really nice...simple, beautiful colours in the fabric bag, the fresh greenery...lovely.
    Yes been a bit quiet on the blog front...and you can see why! Yep that's our church food and yes any profit goes back into the church. I'm paid 2 days a week to run the show! Love most of it but it's been absolutely all consuming and exhausting! Just got home from cooking all day for tomorrow...started at 11am and home at 8.30 pm...didn't sit down once..oh yes I did...had to pop home to change my shoes! sat in the car!..anyways...up again at 6am so best get to bed!
    ciao bella!!...less than six weeks now!! hehe
    Jess xx