Saturday, March 12, 2011

our world...our community...

prayers for Japan!

my son, Jay, now 26, spent the summer
between high school and college
in Japan representing his community
 in a baseball exchange program. he lived with two
different families during his stay. the families were
warm, considerate, and loving. at the games,
 they rooted for him like he was their own son!

my prayers go out to Japan and it's
 amazing proud, resilient,
and self reliant citizens.

{with love}


  1. Sending lots of prayers as well!!
    Such terrible devastation.

  2. AH! I am so sorry I am just now getting by to thank you for the blog post! I tried to come by on my iphone while in ATL but I couldn't get it to work! I really appreciate you! Thanks a million for reading my blog! You are a blessing!