Monday, March 28, 2011

a thoughtful gift...vintage junky...and a thank you...

i love my new market bag...

my friend Alice picked it out for me. 

(the bag is actually a gift from Alice

and her husband, Steve.)

Al found it at one of my blog stops...

Michelle has an Etsy shop here.

this bag is very similar to mine...

it has a chocolate silhouette.

she also features the silhouette in pale blue.

this is the market bag that Alice chose for me!

Michelle used vintage ticking and a natural

toned linen when making my bag.

it hangs on one of my favorite

 Queen Anne chairs...

my new market bag has a cute little handmade

{happy ~ floppy ~ flower} on it.

the flower is removable...

not that i would...

 because it is so cute as it is!

i just had to take it outside to

photograph it on our veggie garden gate!

* L *
{best of thankful love}


  1. Your bag is absolutely fabulous!! I would definitely be showing it off. It really looks cute on your garden gate! I'm off to look at Michelle's shop! :-)


    P.S. I am a new your blog!

  2. Beautiful! What a sweet and thoughtful gift. Love the floppy little flower...and Vintage Junky.

    Just poppin' in to say hello. I've been scarce around blogs lately as I try to finish things up around here.


  3. love how it looks on your garden gate and your chair! So glad you like it! Thanks so much for the mention~
    xoxo~ Michelle