Wednesday, March 9, 2011

transition, piles and a softer landing...

i have been inspired my many of you to

show it "like it is" at our place!

someday...i hope to have a home filled

with images of  charm and warmth to share, 

but right now, for starters... i am sharing

 our soon to be den, a landing spot for the

guys... (i can't grasp this whole man cave thing).

the vintage (ha!) Ralph green wall is be replaced
with pinewood planking...painted warm white...
and an electric fireplace, with a flat screen.
 a shelf will be placed above
the doors... to run the length of the wall,
a new home for the decoys (boys).

note our lovely remodel "staging table"

and mr D's collectibles placed in

safe spots as we pillage and paint!

the boys are temporarily

resting on a dividing wall.  i grabbed a couple

candles to romance it up a little...( i can't believe that i am

showing this) about that

ugly diagonal mess above?  pinewood planking

will placed and painted warm white!

~white...ahhhh...cottage~like... i can dream it

i can see it...(coffee sip) sigh!

here's looking up from the

room... more piles and patched walls

 ready for brushstrokes!

 the good news is that mr D is taking tomorrow

and Friday paint. he has been working

overtime on the weekends recently (we are blessed)...

so his painting time has been minimal.

the goal: a softer place to land for

all of the boys...


 here is the inspiration photo...

 it's from Lori at the frugal farmhouse...

i saved it because it displays

an example of integrating nature ( in this case the fish

prints) ~ ( in our case the decoys and DU prints) a softer setting...

i'll keep you posted on our progress!

here's to soft landings!

{with love}


  1. I cant wait to see how it turns out!;) Im sure it will be so pretty and cozy. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too!! ;) Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  2. Oh It is going to look beautiful Lynne!!
    I love the photo from frugal farmhouse...lovely! So soothing and calm. That's what I like!!

    It's so much fun to transform a room!

  3. Happy that you shared your little place. The vision is what counts and not everyone starts out with dream spaces. It's taken me 8 months to get to a point where I dare share my rooms. I love the cozy set up of your space and it's going to be beautiful considering your inspiration photo. I don't get the man cave thing either. It must be a primal instinct thing. When were house shopping, every home we walked into I heard, "Is there a space for a man cave?" {Shaking my head.} My dad is a huge duck hunter and would be feel right at home with your guys. Thanks for you sweetness on my post yesterday. I lost the lavender battle with the hubs, so aqua it is. Maybe I should play the "woman cave" card? lol