Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dearest Grandmother(s)...Elizabeth, Hazel and Marjorie,

wow, can you believe it?... in June,

 i shall be grandmother.

i am surrounded by an aura of joy.

i really do not know how to explain it...

it kind of feels like all three of you are wrapping your

arms around me. warm and wonderful!

 i just wish to let you know

that you all had a profound influence on my life.

i have so many cherished memories...

and i am writing this to thank you...

you let me stay up past my bedtime to watch

  the late... late show {old movies we now call classics}.

all three of you brushed my

 hair with the mother of pearl, gold filigree and

bakelite hair brushes

that you all displayed on your vanities.

you taught me to knit, to weave,

to crochet and to embroider.

there were filled cookie jars, homemade jams, the

aroma of Sunday gravy cooking on the stove,

biscotti and chicken and rice.

 i was so fortunate to wear your handmade sweaters

and dresses. (some were made from remnants sent

by a best friend that was a designer in Hollywood.)

 there were beautiful gifts, wrapped

with elegant pressed ribbons from your fancy store.

we rode the bus to Seattle and you taught me 

 to set my watch by the clock at the jewelry store.

you gave me a tiny sip of Chiati on Thanksgiving,

and made a mean Bloody Mary

when I became an adult.


a pink bubble toast to
you, as we anticipate 
arrival of your

 you were the cutest, you were sweetest,

so creative, fun loving, and 

God's gift from your generation to me!

 it will soon be my turn to share

you and me and i will.

i love you!

* Lynne, Lynnie, Lindy *
{Lynne~patricia!... when i was in trouble}

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  1. Aw, Lynne. This was so sweet. It choked me up. I don't have the memories of baking cookies, etc. with grandmas because both of mine passed when I was an infant and toddler. (Thus I can't crochet or knit...or cook!) Anyhow, I love to read this sort of appreciation for grandmothers because those of us without them could only dream of these memories. I thank God everyday that my babes have their grandmothers (and a great grandmother on my husband's side). Happy for you and congratulations on being a grandmother very soon!!! You have just made all three grandmothers very, very proud of this post, my dear.