Monday, April 18, 2011

first flowers...signs of Spring and Chocolate Gousse!

i feel a bit guilty complaining about the weather...

this past weekend brought some pretty bad storms

around the US.  my heart goes out to

all that are picking up the pieces!

just taking in the Monday morning light, loving

the touches of Easter time and the visions new life

around our place here on 34th street.

it's time to take a little peek outside before

getting ready for work...  

i will also take this opportunity to introduce

 you to our Chocolate Gousse!

we call her Goose. she loves snooping

around her back yard, and our mornings

outside when weather permits.

i just had to snap a photo of our first flowers

in the garden... not much...just a few little white

blossoms...but it's a start!

good morning day lilies! welcome back!

i missed you!

i tried to capture the dewdrops on the Rhody...

but we'll just have to settle for polka dots!

the Rhodie's will be in full bloom for Mother's Day!

and welcome blue sky above our cherry tree!

mr d. has pruned it so it's like a giant umbrella

in the Summertime! ahhhhhh Summertime.


it's time to go to the office...

should i wake Goose? she looks pretty

tuckered from our morning activity outside!

{with hello Monday love}


  1. I love taking little walks outside and seeing the start of new blooms. I know it's hard to believe that soon summer will be here!

    Goose is a cutie!!


  2. Isn't it exciting to see those little buds? We had snow again last night so I'm feeling like we're going backwards! btw: Goose is very cute :)