Monday, April 25, 2011

gather to inspire!

about a year and a half ago, when

Chrislyn and i were busy working on

the details of her wedding, we met Glenda.

Glenda has a beautiful little bridal accessory boutique

in Olde Burien, WA.

she has a pretty little dish that is filled with

these simple little anonymous calling cards...

she encourages one to "take a bunch! ~ i just had

a thousand printed at Costco!"

it's such a sweet gesture.  (i will be blogging

about Glenda's boutique in May.)

i have continued Glenda's gesture... i just ordered

my own little anonymous calling card...

{the heart that gives ~ gathers}

i will be blogging about those who gather

to give, now and then.


Today's perfect gathering...


this publication is truly amazing!


{with love}

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