Friday, April 1, 2011

my messy table...and Monday, i will post my first tutorial!

hi everyone!

just thought i would share

my messy table before i am

off to work! it's FRIDAY,

and HAIR DAY, so it's a GOOD day!

why is my table a MESS?

i will show you on Monday!


(and...yes! {smile} ... we have pastels and bunnies at

our place.  i am a mom and soon to be grandma,

with a 30 years of acquired Easter goodies that

are displayed for the babes that

come home for the holiday and the memories!)

oops...gotta hit the shower & go!

  God Bless!

have a wonderful weekend!

{with love}


  1. You really left us hanging!! Can't wait to see what the tutorial is about!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Hi Lynne! :) :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!..but excuse me..?? call THAT table a mess??? ahahaha! you haven't SEEN mess!! lol...Oh I SO should have taken a before shot of my craft table last week before I had a couple of european "Global Freeloaders" (like couch surfers) come to stay a few had been chaos since my daughter and her friends did some scrapbooking...and I just seemed to keep adding to it as I 'tidied' downstairs and the 'stuff' landed in my craft room. I just...closed - the - door!! BUT...had to venture in to make up the spare beds. So it is now all lovely and orderly...just makes me wanna 'mess it up' by making something!! but don't have the energy..mental and physical!! lol...ah day soon.
    have a great week mi amica..
    ciao bella!
    jess xx