Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a perfectly imperfect paint crush!

this past weekend we painted over 30 year old tongue

groove cedar planking.  mr d. is very particular about

his painting technique...he's a bit of a perfectionist.

so how do i sell the idea that i DO NOT want the wall to

look perfect?  it was a tough sell...but i eventually

convinced him...as far as i'm concerned a perfectly

imperfect paint job is "the new black"!

Hi Emily!

Emily, at jones design company stated it best yesterday

 in her post about her hand painted wall paper...

"if you look closely, you’ll notice some pencil lines.
 I suppose I could have erased them when the paint
 was dry, but they don’t bother me.  The finished
walls are not perfect, but they are interesting
and add subtle pattern and they make me smile."


a bit more on the quest for

perfectly imperfect!


a must study for furniture

and cabinets...


~ Anne Sloan ~

i found a stock list of Anne's chalk paint

here in the PacNWest!

visit The Bella Bungalow here!

~ Meet! ~

 The Bella Bungalow girls;

Kellyanne and Kim...

...at their blogspot!


{mr. d. received a big hug and a smooch for

his perfectly imperfect work of art!}

{with paint crush love}


  1. Your deck floor looks wonderful...I bet that was a big job.

    I am with you on wanting perfectly imperfect. By no means sloppy, just not fussy. You get the idea...


  2. Well hello right back! Hope you are enjoying your perfectly imperfect paint job :)