Sunday, April 24, 2011

simply stated Sunday...

egg hunt...

~ Lynne


  1. Wow..gorgeous egg Lynne. Hope you had a happy easter. Thanks for your comments on my blog :0 You're lovely! Mine was a busy easter! lol..but a quiet Good Friday was weird..only one 'child' at home...where are all my littlies waiting to get their choccy?? (altho that would hve been on Sunday cos that's when we celebrate the resurrection..don't celebrate the death)...but Good Friday is family hot cross bun lunch...and Beth, the one at home..doesn't even like them! (not a fan of cinnamon) I called my newly married darling and invited them to lunch, and they brought another young married was not too lonely!! hubby away..not quite complete ;)
    ciao for now, bella!
    luv jessie x

  2. Lynne do you paint a lot of eggs at Easter time.

    -Zane of ontario honey