Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the Tiffany & Co rabbit spoon...

i was fortunate to have had an amazing career

while i was in my childbearing years!

i was a jewelry buyer for Frederick & Nelson

in Seattle, Washington.

Frederick & Nelson was a beautiful

carriage trade department store.

if you are from the Mid-West

you are probably mourning the loss Marshall Field & Co.

~ anyway ...

...a little off track here ~

i used to travel to NYC for buying trips about

five times a year...

when i found out i was pregnant with Chrislyn,

we (my F&N girlfriends) and i just had to go to Tiffany's

 to purchase the rabbit spoon!

we all loved to visit the place where the scene from

{Breakfast at Tiffany's}

(that lives in the hearts of  all romantic fashion

conscious woman everywhere), was filmed some

twenty years before!

who would have thought that a pearl torsade,
a tiara and RayBan's could look so good.
after this movie, every woman's closet
has Audrey's black dress hanging in it!

the rabbit spoon was one of the "in things" with my

little circle of girlie's back in 1982!

this is Chrislyn and Jay's (bunny) spoon!

i polish it on occasion...and keep it in a little

dish on my kitchen window sill.

 now, i need to make it shine bright,

as i will be putting it to use once again

 with my wee granddaughter pretty soon!


sadly, Tiffany & Co no longer make the spoon,

but you can occasionally find one

on eBay now and then...

like this one, i found today.

more shower details tomorrow!

{with love}


  1. My parents own a jewellery store and i worked there for many years. I was pregnant the last time i attended a trade show in Toronto with them. Weren't those trade shows to die for? Oh my the designs out there!

    I love this spoon! I love Breakfast at Tiffany's my favourite movie!
    I have a sterling silver fat piggy from Tiffany's that goes on a silver collar. He is so cute!

    Good luck with the baby shower. I just know it will be spectacular! Lucky mommy to be!!
    Pamela xo

  2. It really is a lovely piece! And it's wonderful that you are passing it on to your new grandbaby to be!

    I do miss Marshall Fields. I used to work across the street from the one in downtown Chicago right up until it changed to Macy's. That was a sad day. At least they kept the old signature clock.

    Great post!


  3. A lovely story, great memories and a delightful little spoon, love Linda x