Thursday, April 28, 2011

transition...from basic font letters to the moon!...and a day off!

if you have been following my blog, you can see

that i have been having a "picnik" with my banner.

when i started blogging back in late October,

i knew nothing.  the only thing that i did know,

the image in my first post

is that i wanted to be a part of the amazing community.

i have met some of the most talented,

gifted and generous people during this past

 six months!  i absolutely adore my first visitor,

 who also became my first follower!

(and she was not a relative)

most are women, but one day, 

a very cool guy that balances the

corporate world and his amazing garden popped in

to follow! how fun is that?

i just wish to tell you how much you all mean to

me. you help inspire some of the dreams here on

34th street. as mr d and i remodel our home,

you will also see a transition here at dreams...

~tomorrow is mrs d's (that's me) day off~

i will be taking on the list for Saturday's Pink Picnic...

when our family will gather with love and gifts

to celebrate the soon to be arrival of

Jason and Chrislyn's baby girl.

i wish you all the best of weekends, free of

storms and tornadoes, please dear God.

i'll be back on Monday to talk about the picnic!

{with love}


  1. I think your new blog look is fabulous! I have never tried Picnik, but need to check it out. It really sounds popular!

    Hoping you have sun and blue skies this weekend. Congratulations Jason and Chrislyn!


  2. I love your blog and it needs to be discovered by more people!!!
    You have the best posts too!!! Crisp, clean, fun and creative!

    Have a wonderful day on Saturday!!!

    Pamela xo

  3. What a lovely post. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, love Linda x