Monday, April 4, 2011

a very special's my first tutorial!

our first grandchild

will be arriving in June.

it's time to have a baby shower!

... first item on the list...the invitation!

the invitation was inspired by two

 very dear and talented woman

who i just love to visit.

firstly... Laura, at Decor to Adore!

i loved her use of vintage paper lace

when making her featured party favors.

learn how to make her pretty pink

party favors with vintage paper lace...

~ here ~

a few days later i visited

Janet's peaceful and exquisite

French Blue.

~ visit Janet here ~

Janet's photographs and chronicle

of a sweet mother hummingbird

building a nest, laying her eggs

and nurturing her babies

on a chandelier outside her window

was captivating and beautiful!

i emailed Janet to ask permission

to use her image for my first

grandchild's shower invitation...

she graciously said yes!

i took the image on a little Picnik!

the vintage paper lace arrived

from Etsy

i purchased simple linen textured

 3 x 5  folded note cards (and envelopes)

from the Paper Zone.

i trimmed 1/2 inch off  the top

edge of each note card.

the vintage paper lace was measured

to match the length of the card...

... cut!

and...cut in half lengthwise!

two pieces...enough for two invitations!

a little glue was placed on the

straight edge of the lace!

i then attached the lace to the

inside, on the top of the invitation...

(on the edge that had been

 trimmed 1/2 inch)!

i wanted a little bit of lace to peek out

from the top edge of the

note card...sort of like a petticoat!

i printed the hummingbird image on linen

textured card stock.  i cut and trimmed the

images to the appropriate size.

i used simple foam mounting squares... attach the image

to the face of the note card.

very simple, very sweet, and

now on the way to our loved ones.

once again...a little peek

at the sentiment inside!

happy Monday! ... my lovelies

when hosting a shower...thank you cards
and stamps are a nice gift to be presented
at the end of the event. it adds a
personal touch! ( this is just a prototype,
i need a softer color for the corners.)

thank you for popping in today!

{with love}


  1. Your invitations are adorable! What a lovely note to receive in the mail - I love the paper lace and the image is perfect. They're pretty enough to frame xo

  2. How gorgeous! I have 2 questions for you: what is the blue thing you glued with? How do you get the word" nesting" over your image? If you don't mind giving your secrets away, I would love to know. Thankyou so much for visiting me today and leaving comments, and following, I am absolutely thrilled! Have a lovely day and congratulations on being a grandma, love Linda x

  3. Sorry, uou are not quite a grandma yet! x

  4. Beautiful Lynne!!
    Congratulations on soon being a Grandma!!

    Pamela xo

  5. Oh your invites are just perfection! You are so clever and creative!

    The nesting birds remind me of the sweet mother hummingbird who nested in my patio chandelier. It was such a gift.

    Best wishes to both you and your sweet grandbaby!