Wednesday, April 6, 2011

vintage at my house...meets Pottery Barn Spring 2011!

so, i am perusing through the Pottery Barn

Spring catalog...and what do i spy?

a vintage inspired Brittany Rose pillow...

and some embroidered Red work

guest towels!


look what i found in my vintage stash!

my mother embroidered "the children at the seashore"...

...such a perfect touch for a summer guest room.

i think they would make cute pillows!

( guest towels are out of the question...

i could not wipe my hands on

such precious handwork!)

the Red work pillows would look sweet,

tucked in with some vintage grain sack pillows,

Dreamy Whites
visit Maria's shop

like the fabulous pieces from Maria's

 on line shop above ...

or... i could mix them with...

pillows made from my old vintage table cloths...

the finished product would look very similar to

the  Brittany Rose pillow above...


i don't know if i have the heart

to cut them up and make pillows...


i'm leaning towards the grain sack approach...

i'll keep you posted!

{with love}

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  1. I envy that you can sew...that is some beautiful fabric. I feel the same way you do about tea towels, guest towels...some things shouldn't be touched!! lol! Please share what you make!