Saturday, May 7, 2011

heavy metal...

when Jami at freckled laundry

decided to have a metal Saturday party

all i could think of was heavy metal.

so, i put on "sweet child of mine" 

(my son's ring tone on my cell) 

and grabbed the

old point and shoot...

rock around the olde garden clock
if you hear loud music coming

from our place, it usually means

it's time to clean!

rust on baby!

 oops...a little loud,

i'll go back inside!

a's heavy!
this little device cancelled checks at the building
and loan..way before heavy metal...
way before rock n roll!

we have a lot of heavy metal
here on 34th street...
but it's time to turn down the
volume a bit and put on a little


our chandie! it's always filled
with what motivates us and ... pretty stuff!
it's a favorite, a motivator,

a song you can just

belt out in a crowd!



{with love}


  1. Cool post Lynne!!

    Love the metal...i have a gorgeous rusted urn..bought that way too!

    Pamela ox

  2. I loved this! I almost named the party "Heavy Metal". Cool metal treasures, Lynne. Your a girl after my own heart with Journey. Tell me you like Led Zepplin and you'll never get rid of me. I turn up the tunes when I clean too. Thanks for the post & linking up!


  3. Very neat chandelier!! This sounds like a fun party, although I don't see any metal inside my house!

    I listen to my playlist when I am cleaning...maybe I should steal on of the kid's IPods! LOVE Journey!

    Happy Mother's Day, Lynne!


  4. Thinking outside the box, I like it! Love love love the chandelier. Have a relaxing Sunday, love Linda x