Thursday, May 19, 2011

honey, aren't you going to take a picture of the table for your blog?

you know...when you are a blogger...

you are also a journalist. i love

writing and sharing and publishing about

life here and around 34th street.

i also try to respect those around me,

 before i share.

yesterday, i decorated our dining table

 with some of our old love letters

for our anniversary.

it was a surprise for mr d when he came

home from work...he loved it!

as i was setting the table for dinner,

he asked the question

about taking the picture.

so without further adieu...i snapped

away. and with a little help from picnik...

our anniversary table!

and...if you look

will spy our Chocolate Gousse!

~ the most amazing thing...

like in the movies...i

sprayed or powdered each letter

with fragrance before i mailed  it...

the fragrance is still here with us...

the heat of the lighted chandee

made it float around the room! ~

talk about a walk in the past!  i am so

glad that we did not go out to dinner!

{with fragrant love}


  1. This is so sweet! Thank you for sharing, what a lovely and thoughtful idea!

  2. How delightful!! You have a KEEPER in that husband of yours, He seems to know you so well. Thank you for sharing your beautiful anniversary dinner with US!

  3. How wonderful!!! I love that photo with your Gousse peeking over the table! I spotted him right away!
    Wishing you many more happy anniversaries Lynne!
    Pamela xo

  4. Lynne, how very romantic! It's lovely that you still have those letters and that they still are fragrant. It is lovely too that your husband appreciated what you did. Many thanks for commenting in my "angel", she is so precious, you are right. Have a great weekend my lovely friend, love Linda x Oh I nearly forgot, your photos are fab, they look like paintings!

  5. I like that you got ate at home and didn't go out to eat. I think it's more romantic to eat at home. Dinners are overdone by couples.

    -Zane of ontario honey