Saturday, May 21, 2011

my sports son...and how dreams can come on 34th street!

 today is my son Jay's birthday!
he is the greatest young man...
with the most amazing work ethic.

Jay (on the right) doing "color" play by play...
at a regional TV broadcast of college football.
(mr d and i are at a local sports bar taking a photograph
 of our son on TV)
he has always been a goal setter...and
a performer against the odds.
he fell in love with the game of
baseball at age 6.  Jay dedicated
himself to the game and his school work.
he was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds
at the end of his senior year of high
school in 2002.

Jay interviewing Jerry Kramer.
this shot is for the vintage Packer fans,
 although i am quite certain that you may
 not be a major player in my blog audience. LOL

he played college baseball for two
years, then made the decision to leave
baseball because he wanted to go to
Washington State University and
study broadcast journalism.

Radio play by play at the NAIA World Series 2010

 i had always thought that he dreamed
of becoming a professional baseball player.
one day, while he was away at college,
i was in decluttering his room here
on 34th street. i found a little
tablet with a list of goals that he
made when he was about 10 years old.
on the top of the list he wrote...

i want to be a sports announcer.

this is a collage of photographs given to Jay
by his aunt and uncle. the photo of mr d
   and Jay on the upper left was taken at
Christmas in 1994. Jay is 10 years old.
fast forward to photos of 1999. he is 15
and playing at Safeco Field on
Team Washington.
that year Jay was selected to represent the
state of Washington on the Junior
Olympic Team ~ Team USA!

Jay once again is in a circumstance
to challenge the odds in his very
competitive career.

" i am here at home
cheering you on. i love you!
 happy birthday, son!"

[with a mom's love]

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  1. Happy Birthday and good luck to Jay, you have a lovely family! We can't buy artichokes to eat here in Ireland, only in jars. I served some a few weeks ago (from a jar) and none of my family or friends would eat them, so I have some educating to do. I would love to try and grow them, they look so striking. Hope you are having a glass of wine this evening, I am! Love Linda x