Thursday, May 5, 2011

P E T I T ~ C O T E R I E...PILLOWS...

i had been interested in the style
and quality of the pretty pillows from...

~ here ~

the prices were a too high
for my budget...


i subscribe to One King's Lane.

~ here ~

on April 14th, i received an email with
their daily specials... Wow!
Petit Coterie pillows!
the prices were slashed up
to 70%...

if you are familiar with One King's Lane...
the quantities are very limited,
and it's first come first serve.
i scored the "home of chocolate" pillow.

 and...some oats! 

oatmeal and du pain avec du chocolat!

that's me!

on the bottom left corner of each pillow,
there is a little holy medal
with the image of 
Saint-Michel l'ange à l'arc.
on the back of the medal it says
"pray for us"... such a sweet little touch!

i just have to share this photo
of the burlap bed skirt
from their bedding collection...
i collect Mattelesse'.
~ i love the mix.~

happy Thursday!

{with love}


  1. Your new cushions are just perfect. What a bargain. Have a good week. x Sharon

  2. Oh the cushions are great but my favourite is the valance (as we call them in the u.k.)It is really hard to find anything like that here, I will check them out.Love Linda x

  3. I wonder what the most expensive pillow in the world is?

    -Zane of ontario honey