Saturday, May 14, 2011

patio dressing...

"at mid century"... it was the "patio" dress...

"in the seventies"... the "maxi"...

~ Anthropologie~

i'm laughing...because for those of

you that are young at heart

enough to remember...



 patio dresses (and kaftan styles)...

are a reminder of Mrs. Roper

on Three's Company!

and... laughing again...Mrs Roper wore

the Patio, while Chrissy and Jan

wore the Maxi! Mrs "R" wore hers

at home with a cocktail, and C & J

donned their duds at the Regal Beagle!

~ my personal fave at Anthropologie~

the "Patio & Maxi" have merged,

once again, as a look

for Summer 2011! 


[i prefer "Patio" because i

have always been resentful

of where Madison Avenue took

the word "Maxi"!]


check out some more inspiration from 

~the sixties in me~

 with updated fabrics and prints,

the "Patio Dress" has jumped

 two generations forward!

 Anthropologie may a little pricey

 for some, but the moderate world

is right in there.

Target has built a whole ad campaign

about Patio living!

after five...grab a glass of wine, a beer,

a tall lemonade or an icy root beer,

and hit the patio with style.

you will feel relaxed and

very groovy!

i'll meet you there!

{with a groovy kind of love}


  1. Loved Three's Company! You are so right about Mrs. Roper...instant visual. Ha! I adore the Anthro dresses, especially the first two.

    Happy weekend,

  2. I am afraid that I just can't bring myself to wear one of these as I remember them first time round. I had a red "wetlook" maxi coat and I thought I was the bees knee's! Love Linda x