Tuesday, May 3, 2011

pink picnic day...in the sunshine!

pink ~ picnic ~ day


pressed linens...

a sweet dress
made with vintage silk
and organic cotton

i only use brown paper or white
freezer paper to wrap gifts. i love to
embellish  the gift with "more gifts".
for our gift, i chose a lace doily
to further embrace the design story
of the cross and a sweet child's book!

we're packed and ready to go!

welcome to the pink picnic celebration!

hello Spring!
(mason jars with divine twine
and bird tags were placed
throughout the house!)

thank you sweet family...

...and friends!

Bakery Nouveau's Macarons,
mama biscotti, and cello bags
filled with Nanni's sweet pink mix!

...and here are the 3 bite pies!
they were a hit...however,
the chocolate bites with pink fluffy
frosting went first! ~yum!

a sweet pink buffet!

Chrislyn and Jason
dressed for the theme.

a quick little peek...

at her nursery...

~ under construction ~

...the cutest...

 new Mom and Dad to be!

{with love}

we served barbecue from
Famous Dave's...
here's a link to some of their shared recipes!


  1. I love love that dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!
    I want a little girl!!!!

    How wonderful her bedroom is going to be PINK and not BROWN!!!

    Pamela xo

  2. So cute! That is a fun theme! The food looks so delicious too! I also love that they both wore pink :)

  3. I was excited to see this post, Lynne and it surpassed my expectations! Everything is simply GORGEOUS!!


  4. Such excitement at your house at he minute! What an adorable little dress. I love the little pies with baby on them, how sweet.Thankyou so much for visiting and explaining about May Day, I think that is such a wonderful tradition, I shall definitely be taking it on board. I am feeling well, thankyou so much for asking.Love to you and yours, Linda x

  5. what a cute little dress! looks like a great day :)

  6. What a cute little dress!! That room looks so cute too:)

  7. Hi! ;) Love it all. I'm with you on brown or white paper packaging. You did a beautiful job. Everything looks lovely...including the mom & dad to be! 3 bite pies? Too cute. Congratulations on this exciting chapter about to unfold, Lynne!