Friday, May 20, 2011

planning our little wine bar...

when the kids left home, mr D. and i kind

 of fell into a little hobby of collecting wine.

 we have an occasional glass of wine with

an appetizer before dinner and

a glass of wine with dinner.

there's a corner in our dining room that is

 screaming..."this is where you need to

place the wine bar!" 

Chrislyn & Jason and Jay have

contributed to the project with a monetary

 gift to their dad for his birthday

 and father's day. mr D. and i will make

 a contribution as our anniversary gift to

one another, hence...

the reason we stayed home for dinner...

working with our modern cottage
direction, Chris (mr d) and i really like the
entertaining shelves from Pottery Barn...

we are considering this double
door wine cooler from Costco!
it's dual temperature for both 
white and red...holding 32 bottles.

i like the clean lines and organized look.

i can visualize our
"Eat Tom's Peanut Butter Sandwich"
(purchased in Alabama in 1974)
jar filled with corks atop the cooler...
i'll keep you posted on our progress...

[with ~ modern cottage, wine & peanut butter ~ love]


  1. I can't wait to see what you decide. We enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings while sitting out in our gazebo. Louis Dean drinks wed....I prefer white. There are so clever ways to use those unique wine corks.....I made a wine cork wreath. And I use the bottles for Wine Lights. We have been known to buy a wine simply because of the unusual label/name! 'The Middle Sister Drama Queen' for example!
    So...Pop the CORK....and enjoy the glass of vino!

  2. OH this is fun! I love my collection of corks in my large bottle. They are a true piece of art!
    Can't wait to see what you do Lynne!

    Pamela xo

  3. I love all those things, the cooler is terribly swish isn't it? The jar is great too. Have fun deciding! Love Linda x

  4. What a great hobby to have! I'm looking forward to seeing the result. x Sharon