Monday, May 2, 2011

a pink picnic pictorial! part one, Friday's prep...

we rise early here at our place on 34th street!

and it wasn't any different on my day off last Friday,

as i prepped for Saturday's picnic. 

by 6:00 am i was showered and

good to go! i drove to West Seattle to visit

Bakery Nouveau...

good morning Macaron!

i made a quick stop at my mom's house to

drop off the pink & white Divine Twine and

cello bags for the special sweet mix that

she had made! ( you will see the bags of sweetness

 in tomorrow's post).

then...back home to bake...bake...and bake.

first on the list: three bite baby pies

you start with your favorite recipe for pie crust,

(the store bought pie crust works well too!)

i used my fave old biscuit cutter, a pastry brush

 our fam's favorite filling(s), and a mix of two parts egg

and one part water as an egg wash!

i egg washed the edges of the bottom pieces,

then added a dot of filling.  

before placing the top

piece on...i stamped "baby" and a tiny heart

with rubber stamp letters

that i keep with my cookie cutter stash!

~ yum ~

oops...i almost forgot to tell you...i use

parchment paper...

they take exactly twenty minutes at 350 degrees.

aren't they the cutest?

you can see "baby" and the little vents that

i poked with a skewer...


next: Mama Biscotti...

just a couple pics...i will post a tutorial

in the future!


brownies bites with pink fluffy frosting...

packed and ready for delivery!


we went over to Chrislyn and Jason's house

to deliver extra chairs. Chrislyn is a great cook,

she made us killer calzones and salad. we dined, talked

about the final details for the picnic and of course,


see you all tomorrow for part two!

{with love}


  1. It was a wonderful celebration!...the details were thoughtful and perfect. Thanks Mom...soon to be Nona!

  2. Those baby cakes are adorable!!!
    I bet the shower was gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more!

    Pamela xo