Monday, May 16, 2011

thinking about what makes me tic...

my life is filled with C's and J's...

we celebrate our 38th
wedding anniversary in two days!

that's what makes me tic!


{with ~good night, sleep tight~ love}


  1. Congratulations Lynne! 38 years that is good going. I hope you are going to have some lovely celebrations. Thankyou so much for your lovely lovely comments I like to think of you as my faraway friend.Love Linda (as if on cue, David Cassidy has just come on the radio singing "Could it be Forever" aaaahh!

  2. what a great milestone! congrats to you both! I hope it's a day filled with much love and romance (afterall, that should only get better as time goes on, right?) We celebrate our 21st in a few weeks - time does fly! xo

  3. 38 years! How wonderful especially this day in age!
    Congratulations Lynne...hope you are doing something

    Pamela xo