Wednesday, May 18, 2011

when the pink dogwood blooms...'s our wedding (anniversary) day.
May ~ 18 ~ 1973
the trees have never disappointed me...
they have always
been in full bloom on our day!
in our front yard,
a pretty pink dogwood grows...

it was a gift from our kids on our 25th!
and this morning, it is beautiful...

tonight, after work, we will
celebrate with a dinner for two
under our chandee...
 i have decorated it with some of
our old love letters
that were hidden away and tied in bundles...

when mr d was stationed at
Fort Rucker, Alabama ~ he always
wrote this little sentiment on the back of his letters.
it's time to display their vintage charm,
just for the two of us!

~ The Menu ~
avocado delight
beef tenderloin
garlic mashed potatoes
roasted asparagus
we will share a "hearty" red!
and sip raspberry dessert wine
with a chocolate from Fran's.

19  C & L  73
[with "all of the bugs of Alabama" love]

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  1. ahh.... happy anniversary to you both! so lovely to always have the dogwood blooms to celebrate your special day xo