Thursday, June 2, 2011

[accidental journey]

i am certain that you have noticed that 
has a different appearance this morn'.
it happened by accident...
but, i am OK with it?!?

i had been wanting to find the
"right look", depicting my 
clean vintage chic cottage style.
i was trying backgrounds...
 like trying on clothes...
...looking for something
basic and clean...maybe
a slight vintage~romantique touch!
enter...the background fairy!
will this work?  hmmmmm....

Karen has abandoned minima and has
adoptedinstalling her blog backgrounds
 using picture window.
while i was installing the new background,
i literally lost everything!
i wanted to cry...
but i didn't. most of my layout is back
and re-applied to the new format...
as for the results...i am not convinced...
but Karen
has some great background to add pizazz to
one's blog!

[with love]


  1. It looks very nice!!
    I am daughter is a free lance writer and has her own business. She does my blog designs and changes them with the season. I don't have a clue how to do it!! I am thankful I can post!!

  2. I love the background, very soft and pretty!


  3. I love the new look! I am not brave enough to fiddle with my blog because I'm so clueless about these things. x Sharon

  4. Looks lovely Lynn. You have been busy, love Linda x