Tuesday, June 28, 2011

always rearranging...that's me!

i love my visitors...
you are the sweetest, most supportive friends!

i have been changing and rearranging 
a lot... trying on blog 
backgrounds like trying on shoes. 

then, last week i was playing around with template 
designer and found the way i could make my own 
background! i love it! i think it will be a good 
"year ~ around ~ ground"
because it can be interpreted as lovely linen or
beloved burlap. it's neutral. i can dress it up or down,
"take it from daytime to evening", as we would say 
in the world of fashion!


casual chic!

i am definitely not a computer
 graphic designer and i work full time...
so this process has been slow for me!
and.... the fun thing is that most of us are in
floating in the same boat. 
i see such GENIUS 
coming from each of you every day!



i plan to change my banner a bit here and
there. you see, i'm an old retail dog,
(yeah that's what we call ourselves).
we live to change the window displays...

 move the merchandise, and bring in the new! 

i found a font!
it almost matches the way i write print!
i now feel like i am actually hand writing
 printing my posts!

have the greatest day!
thanks for listening to my whimsical self!

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