Saturday, June 25, 2011

gifts from the sea and diamonds for dessert!

i love it when i stumble onto 
something that triggers a sweet memory!
this whole Pinterest thing is another
fun pheeeenom, an avenue
of  daily discovery and delight! memory!

sand dollars remind me of my Grandmother Elizabeth...
if you follow my blog, you know i have been in a
 grandmother state - of - mind lately.
 (any day now)
Grandma and i would gather the sea cookies
(that's what i called them when i was little).
 we would take them to her house to be cleaned, and

 placed in her amazing garden. on occasion,
she would let me break one open to find a star, or even a
sillier mid century kitchy thing...
we would paint the little flower - like image 
with her red nail polish

when i stumbled upon the image of the 
sand cookies at pinterest, 
i just had to investigate. i found this cute sweet little blog
~ Diamonds for Dessert ~
to add a little more sugar to the story
the publisher of  "D for D" is
...a recent college grad, with a goal of
med school!

for the RECIPE and TUTORIAL...
visit Diamonds for Dessert
~ here ~
happy weekend, dear friends! i don't
know about you, but i'm up for a trip to 
a beach with sand that looks like sugar!

[with love]

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  1. These are so clever. Thanks for the find. I also want to say that I love the font on your blog. It looks like actual handwriting. Goodluck for tomorrow or the next day or the next....I will be keeping tabs on your blog. x Sharon