Monday, June 20, 2011

some random hello Monday thoughts...

~ here ~

still a fave image!
~ Holly ~

this week brings joy, a new season
 and more anticipation!
today is Chrislyn's due date...and the doc's
say she'll likely be overdue.

i broke my right pinkie toe last Monday morning
while tidying up the living room.  i caught it
on a trunk chest that doubles for the coffee table.
i thought...
silly, there's nothing you can do for a broken toe...
this morning i am going to the orthopedic doc to
check it out...
i haven't had a real shoe on for a week!

thank God for Summertime and some
fashionable flip flops.

it's busy at work...although i am a little overwhelmed
 right's a good thing!


 it's official...i can say something! my son Jay, 
 just landed a great job...he's moving!
we'll have to fly for a weekend visit now...

@KLEWSportsGuy ÜT: 46.410629,-117.037476
Sports Anchor @ KLEW (CBS) but soon moving to KTVB (NBC) in Boise. WSU Alum! Cover Boise St., Idaho, WSU & LCSC.
*Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.*

it's pop up market day!

Emily from
jones design company is on the sidebar!

art prints

name prints
 she's one stop shopping for inspirational
prints and greeting cards!


i'm happily limping along and smiling big!
[with love]


  1. Hi Lynn, isn't that sign the best? Well done to your son, good luck to your daughter and poor you! Hope you get your toe sorted out soon. Love Linda x

  2. oh no! i hope you can do something about your toe - like you said, thank goodness it's summer and flip flop season :)
    Good luck to Chrislyn - the waiting is a killer, isn't it? xo