Saturday, June 11, 2011

here's a story...

of a pretty young lady...

who met an amazing guy.

they fell in love...

and were married on the
 most beautiful Fall day in
the year of 2009.


in January of 2011,
they were blessed with
the news that confirmed that
they were having a baby girl!

daddy took that plain white room


" pretty in pink"

and the transition began...

 mommy made a sweet collage...
inspired by
a quilt from the land of nod.

"honey, i shrunk the doll clothes!"

she added...more finishing touches
from "Nod" and " PB kids...

...and made this precious piece,
with photos of
"she & J" when they were "littles".
sweetly framed in paper flowers,
it hangs on the gallery wall that is
planned to grow above their new love's crib!

a welcome for a precious baby girl!

(only days to go!)

[with can you tell i'm excited love]


  1. How sweet! What a cute couple and they look so happy!! I love the little girl room. it precious. Wonderful post, Lynne!


  2. what a darling story through photos! thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours! :)

  3. what a charming story! and the room looks so cute :)

  4. Oh I love your daughters wedding flowers. The nursery is adorable. I love the tulip lamp and the little paper flowers and the quilt. I wish your daughter all the best with the birth. I'm looking forward to all the "proud grandparent" photos! Love Linda x