Thursday, June 23, 2011

score! craigslist... $200.00

the empty corner...

is chillin' !

( i'm showing the real deal here...presently
it's all about clutter and transition.
excuse the ugly wall to wall carpet...
it's going away forever this fall.  the weekend
before it goes it will be "party carpet".)

next step PB shelves... and hide the cord!

(if you are wondering about my chandie...
it's loaded with baseballs and lavender!
it's my off beat interpretation of red, white & blue
as we prepare to celebrate
the Fourth of July!

[with cool love]


  1. Good for you on your score!! Love your 4th of July decorations...very clever!!


  2. So cute! And that is a TOTAL score! Someday I want a wine fridge too! They are fancy pants!