Monday, June 20, 2011

a GNN update...and nighty night!

the good news is...
i cancelled my doctor appointment for my silly
pinkie toe...because... i could finally get a shoe on!
i apologize for whining...i was just worried about
living in flip flops for the rest of my life...ha!
i'm in real shoes and p.t. will be splinted to
her next door neighbor for 3 to 6 weeks...

i'm movin' on..
thanks to all of you that shared concern!
you are dear and supportive!
 sleep tight and sweet dreams for
tomorrow when we wake up to Summertime
in the Northern Hemisphere!

~ L~
[with one more sleep til' Summer love]

{crazy little sunshine sandal ~ polivore}

1 comment:

  1. Oh great news about the toe, do you hate going to doctor's too? I can't believe you planted an artichoke in my honour, how fabulous is that! They are supposed to be easy to grow, fingers crossed. Thankyou so much for entering my giveaway, love Linda x