Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday's wrap!


she paints gifts!

she calls this painting...

visit Karen's blog here!


i thought this would be a perfect
 package topping  for a girlfriend
that landed a new job!
 i copied Karen's amazing
image and took it on a picnik. 
i then printed the image
on linen textured card stock!

you know how i always try to
embellish my gifts with a little gift. i love
these little silver toned place card holders...

you can buy them on line for about
a dollar to a dollar fifty
she can use it to hold a recipe or a photo
on her new desk at her new digs!

[with love]



  1. I love the painting! it's beautiful and just what any girl would understand...

  2. Lynne, you clever thing, that looks fantastic! Linda x