Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday's wrap!

hi all! i hope you are having a great day!
i finished the mattress and placed in the cradle!


 the cradle is a family heirloom.
 it needed a special touch before
leaving 34th street!

i saved a few of the flowers that my mother
made for Chrislyn and Jason's wedding.
(a tutorial will be posted soon)

another favorite wrapping element of mine
is using cotton twill woven ribbon.
 i attached three of the flowers to the ribbon
and tied it around the mattress.

 (keeping with my tradition of topping a gift
with a little gift!)

here's how the mattress looks in our
family's beautiful handmade cradle.

my cousin made this for mr d and i
when we were expecting Chrislyn.
both she and Jay slept the first three months
of their lives next to our bed in
this beautiful handcrafted nest!
the cradle has been in our bedroom
for 28 years, with the exception of
the years that Chrislyn used it for her dollies!

it's now ready make a move to
C & J's home to hold a new living doll!

with a big, happy sigh...i sign off today!

[with G2B love]

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